ADA Signage Height and Location Requirements

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Sign Mounting Height and Location Requirements

ADA signs should always be mounted where a blind or visually impaired person can predictably find them. Not doing so can result in fines or lawsuits.

ADA Sign Mounting Height

In order to be ADA-compliant, braille signs should be mounted a minimum of 48 inches from the ground to the baseline of the lowest character and a maximum of 60 inches from the baseline of the highest character. In addition, the sign should be 9 inches away, from the middle of the sign to the edge of the door frame.

ADA sign mounting height specifications

ADA Sign Placement

Generally speaking, ADA signs should be mounted to the wall on the latch side of the door. If there is no room on that wall, the sign may be mounted on the nearest adjacent wall. 

For double door configurations:

  • If there are two active leaves (i.e. both doors open), the sign should be mounted to the right of the door.
  • If there is only one active leaf (i.e. only one of the two doors open), the sign should be mounted on the inactive door.

Other ADA Sign Location Requirements

A few other requirements to note about mounted signs:

  • The floor space 18 inches by 18 inches (at a minimum) that’s directly in front of the mounted sign must be free of obstructions and obstacles.
  • When the door is open outwards at a 45° angle, this obstruction-free space must be located beyond the door’s arc.

ADA Sign Mounting Experts

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