ADA Signage Size and Space Requirements

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ADA Size and Space Requirements

Telecom ADA sign

Types of ADA Signs

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, there are four main types of signage:

  1. Wayfinding/directional – These are signs that direct the flow of traffic, and usually include arrows or directional language
  2. Identification Signs that identify the room or space, like “Restroom” or “Stairs”
  3. Informational – Signs that provide context but not specific information about a room or space, like “Employees Only” or “No Loitering”
  4. Overhead – Signs that hang from the ceiling, like exit signs or restroom signs

It’s important to distinguish the different kinds of signs in order to be able to follow the correct set of ADA sign requirements.

ADA Sizing and Spacing Guidelines

All of the elements found on your sign, as well as the sign itself, have to follow specific ADA size and style guidelines.

ADA Sign Text Size

  • Text height should be between ⅝ to 2 inches.
  • The most common size for text is ⅝ inches. Allow 2 inches of height per line of text.
  • For larger text, allow for 2 times the height of the characters, plus 1 inch per line of braille.
  • Text must be in simple, sans serif font, in a medium or bold weight. 
  • A tactile sign must be in UPPERCASE. Italics, scripts, and other hard-to-read fonts must not be used.
  • Visual-only signs, such as overhead signs, may be in lowercase.
  • Stroke thickness must be between 10% to 30% of the height of the uppercase “I.”

ADA Sign Spacing

  • Character spacing is defined as the space between the two closest points of adjacent raised characters, excluding the spaces between words. 
  • Character spacing needs to be between 10% to 35% of the character height.
  • Line spacing between the baselines of separate lines of copy should be between 135% to 170% of the maximum character height.
  • Characters should be separated ⅜ inch minimum from any other tactile characters and ⅜ inch minimum from raised borders and decorative elements.

Other ADA Sign Guidance

  • The only ADA-approved fonts for raised letters are Sans Serif or Simple Serif, and must be devoid of other decorative elements or embellishments.
  • If you’re using a pictogram on your sign, it must be 6 inches high.

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