8 Elements of a Standout Sign

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8 Elements of a Standout Sign

If you are a first-timer when it comes to signs, we can help! There are a lot of little things that go into making a standout sign – here are 8 that we find most important:

1. Font

The font is going to make a first impression, so you want to make sure to use a simple font that is easy to read. If you try and get too creative with fancy lettering, it can end up looking unprofessional and messy.

Capital Sign Solutions Standout Sign

2. Size

The size of your letters depends on the distance the sign will be viewed from. Therefore, the location of the sign has to be measured beforehand in order to size your letters accordingly, and ensure that there is an equal amount of negative space around the letters.

Capital Sign Solutions Standout Sign

Letter Visibility Chart

3. Spacing

The key to spacing is measuring the area first, and using a template when installing. This will avoid running out of room, which leads to uneven spacing between letters.

4. Logo

Similar to the font, logos must also be simple to be effective. It needs to be an easily identifiable and memorable shape that a consumer can associate with the brand. Our designers are experts at re-branding and can help you design a custom logo.

Capital Sign Solutions Standout Sign

5. Contrast

Choosing the color of your sign is important for legibility. You want to choose a color that contrasts the background surface so that it will stand out. Otherwise, your sign will probably go unnoticed.

6. Material

The experts at Capital Sign Solutions know which materials are suited for which environments. If you have the wrong material for the location (even if it is a good product), the sign may be short-lived.

Many people think that the more expensive the lettering, the better the sign. However, here at Capital Sign Solutions we will be honest in explaining what is the best option for your circumstances. Sometimes paying extra really isn’t necessary for you to get a suitable product for your needs.

Capital Sign Solutions Standout Sign

7. Location

We make sure your sign is in a visible location from all angles. Location is essential for a sign to function properly and advertise your business to the public.

8. Install

Improper installation can be a real problem, considering it can make your business look very unprofessional. Our experts often use a template to prevent the letters from getting installed backwards or upside down. Precision is key!

When you are ready to create the perfect standout sign for your business, contact the signage experts at Capital Sign Solutions here!


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