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Driving School Spirit with Signage

School signage is crucial for safety and wayfinding for school campuses. But have you ever realized how important it is for community building among students and staff? SCHOOL IDENTITY In today’s faced-paced world, creating a sense of belonging and fostering an inclusive environment is more important than ever. Effective signage has the ability to inspire [...]

The Role of Visualizing & Delivering Success

  A visualization is important in the process of creating and installing signs. They are the blueprint of each project, serving as the foundation of the entire installation process. Without these precise and detailed plans, any sign installation project would fall apart - leading to costly errors, off-putting visuals, and unhappy clients.  WHAT ARE SCHEMATICS? [...]

Inclusive by Design: Improving Accessibility Through Signage

At Capital Sign Solutions, we understand how important inclusivity is when it comes to signage in a progressive business landscape. We want to educate businesses on why having ADA and Braille signage plays a crucial role in your company, big or small. Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusivity ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signage serves as a [...]

How to Choose Between Temporary vs. Permanent Signage

Custom banners and signs are a powerful tool to direct traffic to your business. Whether you need temporary signage or permanent signage will largely depend on several factors, as we detail below.  3 Reasons to Invest in Temporary Signage There are three main reasons why you and your business should invest in temporary signage: They [...]

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Business Sign

In a world filled with distractions, standing out is key. When potential customers walk past your store or office and see your sign(s), they’re making split-second judgments and assumptions based on their perceptions.  Signs have the power to stop them and draw people in, but can just as easily lose their interest or turn them [...]

A Project Manager’s Guide to Choosing a Custom Sign Company

Think back to everyday signs you’ve seen that are peeling, faded, have broken neon lights, etc. Then, think about how that impacted your perception of their business or building, whether it was accurate or not.   “Signs are an extension of a company’s brand.” – Holt Hobgood, CSS Director of Design  Signs have the power to [...]