A Project Manager’s Guide to Choosing a Custom Sign Company

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A Project Manager’s Guide to Choosing a Custom Sign Company

business park sign created by Capital Sign solutions.

Think back to everyday signs you’ve seen that are peeling, faded, have broken neon lights, etc. Then, think about how that impacted your perception of their business or building, whether it was accurate or not.  

“Signs are an extension of a company’s brand.” – Holt Hobgood, CSS Director of Design 

Signs have the power to make or break a potential customer or visitor’s impression of a company. It’s so important to get custom signage right because they are highly visible, recognizable assets that support your marketing and branding. In other words, they are the face of your business. When it’s done right, it will keep benefiting your business well into the future.

We’ve worked with many project managers on all kinds of signage across a broad range of industries. We know that obtaining custom and necessary signage for a project can be overwhelming, particularly because of the abundance of custom sign makers you can choose from. You’re doing a lot of research to find the right fit company for your budget—just keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always your best option.

Our goal by creating this blog is to help take some of the guesswork and hesitation out of choosing the right custom sign company for your projects. We encourage you to consider the following factors altogether when you’re looking for the right company to work with:

Does the Company Offer End-to-End Signage Services? 

Many things can get lost in translation when you don’t work with a full-service custom sign company. For example, if you work with a design company who then subcontracts the manufacturing and installation to other companies, then you may actually be working with multiple companies that don’t know about your unique needs and preferences. Important details may get lost in the shuffle as the project changes hands, costing valuable time and money for your project.

In contrast, if you work with one company who does all the work alongside you, from permitting to design and manufacturing, all the way through to installation and maintenance, then you know exactly who you’re working with, and you know that they will get the job done according to your specifications. 

We at Capital Sign Solutions are proud of the fact that we are a full-service custom signage company. We will be the team you work with from the moment you contact us, and we will also be the ones who will maintain your sign for the life of the business.

Look into the Sign Company’s Reputation 

Online reviews and feedback can be telling of a company’s customer service practices, as well as the quality of their work. What other companies have they worked with? Does their website provide you with images or case studies of the signs they’ve created? Ask other business owners who’ve worked with that company about what their experience was like.  

How Long Has the Company Been in the Custom Sign Business? 

Experience matters. It may go without saying, but it’s so important to choose a sign company that you can trust will see your project to the end. The longer they’ve been around, the more well-versed they will be in all of the complexities and nuances of the process. It likely means that they have a great product and happy customers. It likely also means that they’ve outlasted their competitors, so you can expect they’ll be around in the future as well. And, because they’ve been in the business for a while, they’ve had to learn and adapt to changing laws and regulations around signage.

Do They Produce the Type of Sign You’re Looking For?

There are many kinds of signs, including banners, channel letters, custom exterior and interior signage, digital printing, monuments and tenant IDs, pylons and pole signs, temporary signage, wayfinding signs, and more. Consider whether the custom sign company has the ability and the experience to create a custom sign for you. 

If you don’t know what all signs your project will need, the Capital Sign Solutions company is here to help answer all your questions. Since day one, our priority has been serving our customers for all their signage needs. 

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Our team is made up of some of the best and brightest minds in the sign industry who are genuinely interested in seeing your business succeed. 

Whether you need office signage, backlit signs, custom LED signs, outdoor signage for your business, etc. we can likely do it! We aim to exceed your expectations, no matter what your signage needs are, and we hope to help you with your project soon.

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