Are business opportunities passing you by?

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Are business opportunities passing you by?

Are business opportunities passing you by? If you own a business and do not have the appropriate signage, chances are sales opportunities are passing you by each and every day. Each vehicle that passes your business carries at least one potential customer. The way to maximize this revenue as a business is to attract these potential customers and connect with them through your business signs. Your business sign is your introduction to all of those passing by, identifying your business to not only existing customers but to new potential customers as well. Since we are living in a mobile society and 18% of households relocate each year according to the United States Census Bureau, as your customer’s move you need to replace them by attracting new customers. Without a good sign that catches the customer’s eye the audience will not even know that your business exists!

If you have the appropriate sign you can deliver not only your business name and brand identity but you can deliver your message, hours and any special promotions you are having. By doing this your audience cannot avoid seeing your sign as they pass your business, some of them every day. Even if they are not in need of your product or service now, they will be more likely to remember you in the future if they are continuously exposed to what you have to offer. People also often judge a business by how it looks on the sign. If you drive by a sign with some of the letters missing or misspellings, are you going to think this is a very good business? A sign should always be neat and bright and should convey the promise and message of your brand. This means conveying the high standards of your business and your differentiation. Having a sign that delivers your message and brand will create an impact on how many customers you see coming into your business. It is the most effective yet the cheapest way to advertise your business!

Most people cannot tell you how many times they have used a new business based on the business’s signage. Business signs work! They guide customers into your business, attracting old AND new customers. People that have moved to the area look for businesses they can start going to. Driving by these signs will attract them to the business. Are sales opportunities passing you by? Let us help!

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