Business Signage Do’s and Don’ts

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Business Signage Do’s and Don’ts

NC State Signage created by Capital Sign Solutions in Raleigh North Carolina.

The best signs create a lasting impression on people, and it makes them want to interrupt their flow and take the action you want them to take. Over the years, we’ve collected some of the best practices for business signage. If you’re looking for what the best signs in North Carolina and the Southeast have in common, check out our list below: 

What Makes a Good Business Sign?

Do: Make Your Sign Readable

You want your sign to be easily distinguishable from any distance. Signs should have a high contrast between the characters and the background to help people with visual impairments see the sign. For example, having white letters on a dark background makes it easier to read.

The font style, color, and size you choose for your sign also matters. The goal is always to make people want to stop and read your sign, amidst all the inputs from their environments.    

Do: Include Brand Colors and Logos

If your sign doesn’t follow your brand, then your audience will be confused about who or where the message is coming from. It’s as simple as that. It’s important to ensure that your message is clear and that it follows your branding. You also want to ensure your sign caters to your target audience. 

What to Avoid When Creating Business Signage

Don’t: Cram Too Much Into Your Sign

The rule of thumb for signage is usually: The simpler, the better. Don’t overwhelm your audience with too much information. Only include the most relevant information on your signs. A cluttered sign can actually turn potential customers or audiences away. 

Don’t: Cut Corners Trying to Save Money

We highly encourage you to consider investing in a sign that is not only well-designed, but built to last for years. Remember: Your signs are the face of your business, and they can make a significant impact on your audiences’ impressions of you. It can be a difference-maker, so signage is not something you want to cut corners on. 

We Are a Full-Service Custom Sign Company!

Your sign is a big part of your marketing and branding strategy, and Capital Sign Solutions is ready to help walk you through your initial ideas for your sign. We’ve proudly designed, engineered, built, and installed some of the most recognizable signs you may have encountered in North Carolina. Call us today at 919-789-1452, or contact us here, and let’s get started on your sign!

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