Capital Sign Case Study: Our Project with Health-Scripts

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Capital Sign Case Study: Our Project with Health-Scripts

Health-Scripts, located in Cary, NC, connects nurse practitioners and physician assistants with medical education, research and health care organizations. Anticipating an office move, they reached out to Capital Sign Solutions after searching around online for local companies that would fit their exact signage needs.

The Timeline

Health-Scripts started working with CSS in early April, using that time to begin laying down concepts. The company was scheduled to move in mid-May so, the hard deadline for having completed signs and wall decorations was May 15. By that deadline, CSS had everything finished and presentable for employees to settle in and start working in their new office. Throughout the whole process, CSS communicated design plans and updates, making sure everyone was on the same page.

The Specifics

Searching for a way to bring a positive company spirit to the office, Health-Scripts needed three main signage projects.

Two Word Walls. Health-Scripts wanted two attention-grabbing walls full of motivational words and phrases to encourage the team throughout the day. One word wall took shape in the break room and the other adorned the large recruitment room. A lighthearted and fun project, CSS helped them hand-pick the perfect words and complimentary colors.


A Company Logo. Health-Scripts wanted a bright and attractive company name and logo, so they collaborated on unique and different ways to proudly display their brand. CSS created a large sign with the company colors to remind employees at Health-Scripts why they love working there.



Creative Wall Art. Looking for an out-of-the-box idea, Health-Scripts had no idea how they wanted to achieve contemporary wall art for the interior of the building. CSS acted as a sounding board for ideas and offered lots of inspiration for the project. Through their collaboration, CSS created three innovative red pinwheels, taken from the company logo. Strategically placed alongside each other on a wall adjacent to one of the word walls, this modern piece of art offered a source of motivation for the employees that viewed it on a daily basis.


Working With Capital Sign Solutions

Having no hesitations before starting work with CSS, Health-Scripts dove right in. CSS took their vision and made it tangible through attractive signage. The collaboration between these companies resulted in a creative and unique way to show off the heart and soul of Health-Scripts.

“They took our ideas and turned them into reality,” said Mallory Compton, a Health-Scripts employee. “Capital Sign Solutions was open to our ideas and helped us go a little further, creatively.”


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We’re creative and client-driven. Capital Sign Solutions has a rich history of helping local businesses turn their vision into a reality through the art of signs. Contact us today to get started on your next signage project.

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