Capital Sign Solutions Helps PDQ Retain Corporate Branding with Creative Exterior Signage Solution

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Capital Sign Solutions Helps PDQ Retain Corporate Branding with Creative Exterior Signage Solution

Raleigh sign company works closely with restaurant development partner to work around covenants that would have required the new business to change corporate colors  

RALEIGH, NC – February 7, 2013 – Capital Sign Solutions has completed what is probably its most creative and ambitious project to date.  The Raleigh signage company worked closely with PDQ, a restaurant that recently opened in Sutton Square on Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh, to redesign elements of the restaurant’s building design in order to house the company’s logo indoors in order to retain its corporate branding.  Current property covenants would have required PDQ to change the colors of its outdoor signage.

Capital Sign Solutions founder and President, Patrick Mills, said his company was brought into the project when PDQ discovered that the parcel of property they purchased was determined by the city of Raleigh to be a parcel of Sutton Square.  Because PDQ was now considered a tenant of the shopping center, they—like all the other tenants—had to adhere to the existing sign criteria, which limited outdoor signage to four colors:  white, black, green, and architectural bronze.   Mills says that there isn’t a sign problem that he can’t solve, but PDQ came close.

“We had PDQ who just purchased this parcel of land and were ready to build, only to find out that the ordinance prevented them from using their corporate colors on their exterior signage,” explains Mills.  “PDQ’s logo and colors are very distinctive and are an integral part of their brand image.  Changing colors to fit the center’s criteria was simply not an option.  It was a nightmare to say the least.”

Mills and his team worked diligently with the city, as well as the property’s tenants, in order to find a solution where PDQ could retain the property without giving up their corporate brand.  The solution however, would require PDQ to redesign their entire building around its signage.

“Any signage that we put in front of the building or on any part of the building’s exterior would have meant loss of PDQ’s corporate branding,” says Mills.  “They are just starting up in North Carolina and building a presence is vital to their success.  After doing a lot of research, we realized that there was nothing to prohibit us from doing something on the inside.  That’s when I came up with the idea to build the restaurant around the signage.”

Mills and Capital Sign Solutions worked closely with PDQ’s engineering and architectural team to come up with a way to create a sign that could be seen from the road, but that could hang from the interior.  The team designed and developed a two-story corner extension that houses the lighted signage inside the building and behind glass.  PDQ Development Partner, Tom Allen, says that the overall product exceeded his expectations and that working with Mills was a great experience.

“Patrick offered up a lot of great advice on this project and did all of the legwork,” says Allen.  “He did his homework and provided service that is second to none.  He truly has a knack for being able to look at your business and decide what you need as far as building signs or directionals.  Working with Patrick made me feel like I had another partner rather than a vendor that I just order something from.”

PDQ opened in Tampa, Florida in 2011.  The concept was founded on Tenders, a Cornelius, NC restaurant renowned for its fresh chicken tenders, made-to-order sandwiches, fresh daily cut fries, and hand-spun milkshakes.  Allen says that the company is planning to open locations in Cary, NC and Wake Forest, NC in spring 2013.  Mills says that he and Allen are now working closely at the beginning stages to avoid any signage problems.

“Capital Sign Solutions has created a system for PDQ’s real estate team where our team will research and find out about any sign restrictions before land is purchased,” says Mills.  “We’re proud of the relationship that we’ve formed with PDQ.  We feel like we’re not just helping them build signs at this point, we’re helping them build a presence.

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About PDQ
In 2009, PDQ opened its doors in Cornelius, North Carolina under the name Tenders, renowned for its fresh chicken tenders, made to order sandwiches, fresh daily cut fries and hand-spun milkshakes. From the very beginning, Tenders was founded on the concept that high-quality food, memorable service and genuine hospitality were the cornerstones to a great restaurant. For more information, visit

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