Common Signage Mistakes We Can Help You Avoid

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Common Signage Mistakes We Can Help You Avoid

When you are looking to create a sign, it is not only for the sole purpose of stating your business’ name – you want to make your business stand out to everyone passing by. Many people forget that a sign can be your best form of advertisement.

One of the keys to success in business is to stand out from your competition and make your brand recognized and respected. However, some people still make the mistake of creating a cookie-cutter, predictable sign that is essentially invisible. Unfortunately, sometimes there are restrictions based on your building or city regulations, and there is nothing you can do about that. But to anyone who has some freedom to get creative and wants to make an outstanding sign, we have listed a few things you should know.

People often make these mistakes when designing their business sign:

Trying to fit in

Even if you really love the style of another business’ sign, it will do you no good to copy. This should only be done if there are strict guidelines that you are obligated to follow. Your main goal should be to stand out and attract customers.

Attempting to come across as sophisticated and/or simplistic

“Simple” it is not an approach that is going to do you good if you are trying to attract new customers.  Instead, we have design experts that can help you add a little something extra to make the sign eye-catching and inspiring.

Spending as little as possible

A sign is an investment that will pay off if you create something that is memorable and that is going to last. However, it won’t be beneficial to overspend on a sign either. Working with a company that knows all of the important aspects for the sign to be effective (such as design, size, materials, and location) is crucial.


If you take a look at some world-famous signs, you can see that they all are uniquely extraordinary. Although your business sign most likely won’t become a famous landmark, it is important to note some commonalities of famous signs to keep in mind when designing your own:

They are unique

Capital Sign Solutions Sign Mistakes

They have dramatic elements (size, shape, placement of the sign, etc.)

Capital Sign Solutions Sign Mistakes

They contrast with their environment

Capital Sign Solutions Sign Mistakes

There is a fine line between extraordinary and over-the-top – and here at Capital Sign Solutions, we can help you create that perfect outstanding sign. Call us today!

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