Navigating North Hills

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Navigating North Hills

Exploring North Hills in Raleigh is a walk in the park, thanks to their new wayfinding signage from Capital Sign Solutions. The signs will enhance visitors’ experience by helping to guide traffic throughout the North Hills area. So far, our team has installed ten directional signs and one park sign located in the North Hills Park District.

Capital Sign Solutions has provided sign work for North Hills destinations including Quail Ridge Books and Marta’s. So, it felt like a natural fit when Kane Realty, the company that manages North Hills, asked us to help them with their signage needs.

Capital Sign Solutions North Hills

Going into the project, our client had an initial concept of what they wanted their signs to look like, but needed our help turning their vision into a reality. Taking a sign from an idea to the finished product requires knowledge on what design elements will translate well into real life. Our team helped Kane Realty to choose the best design options, and fine-tuned every detail – from layout and colors to font type and copy – until we had the perfect sign for them.

Because the signs would be directing both cars and pedestrians, it was important that they be visible and easy to read. For example, each sign has white reflective vinyl lettering to ensure it can be seen from approaching cars at night. The directional signs also display a digitally printed directory and color coded map of North Hills. During the design process, our team went on walking tours throughout the area to get a visitor’s perspective on how the signs would best guide people to their destination.

Once the design was finalized, the signs took four weeks to be made and three days to install.

Capital Sign Solutions North Hills

Wayfinding signage is a simple yet incredibly effective tool for improving your customers’ experience. Simply put, wayfinding signage directs people to where they want to go, so they can focus on enjoying all that your business has to offer! Contact us to learn about how wayfinding signs can help your business.

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