Project Spotlight: IQVIA (Durham, NC)

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Project Spotlight: IQVIA (Durham, NC)

The iconic red “Q”, one of two signs that sat atop Quintiles’ Durham headquarters, was a familiar sight to commuters traveling on the I-40. Our team shares a special history with these signs: CEO Patrick Mills helped install the logos when the pharmaceutical company moved to its new home in 2009.

The company has been through some big changes since then – most notably, its merger with healthcare information company IMS Health. Following the successful merger, in late 2017 the company announced it had officially re-branded as IQVIA. CEO Ari Bousbib said the new name “aligns with our vision to help stakeholders drive healthcare forward.”

To share the news, the company wanted to truly make an impression. What better way to introduce your new brand than transforming your headquarters overnight? That’s just what IQVIA did – with help from Capital Sign Solutions!

Capital Sign Solutions IQVIA

The new IQVIA sign: daytime and nighttime view.

Our goal was to bring IQVIA’s re-envisioned brand to life. In just six weeks, our team was able to design, engineer, permit, fabricate, and install a range of signage that would implement the changes to IQVIA’s name and image.

Capital Sign Solutions IQVIA

Out with the red Quintiles signs, in with the new IQVIA logo!

The new IQVIA logo sign, constructed of LED illuminated channel letters, was the biggest change to the building’s appearance. Measuring 9′ tall and 40′ wide, the sign had to be lifted in four sections using a 120 ton crane to get it to the tenth story. While one crew above managed the logo switch, our second crew on the ground was busy updating 16 brushed aluminum directional signs, window vinyl and banners throughout the campus. In less than 24 hours, the building would reflect IQVIA’s new brand in time for the public reveal.

Capital Sign Solutions IQVIA

“Good planning from the very beginning was critical,” project manager Greg Mastro says of the team’s success. “We had to hit very specific milestones all along the way in order to pull this off. Excellent communication and a very skilled workforce brought it all together at the end and made it happen with time to spare.”

Check out our install video below:

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