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5 Answers from John Allen Williamson, COO of Capital Sign Solutions

Triangle Business Journal surprised us yet again with another article recognizing our Chief Operating Officer, John Allen Williamson, for his expertise in business and executing his business goals. We are so proud of Williamson, for having two articles recognizing his talents in less than 2 months. The article, “5 Questions with John Williamson”, asks Williamson [...]

The Key to a Successful Business Opening

Business owners starting up a new business are usually so consumed in the massive amount of work it takes to start a business that a lot of times they forget about the most important part of their business, their signage. But they need not forget: Signage is key for having a successful opening! Understanding the [...]

Are business opportunities passing you by?

Are business opportunities passing you by? If you own a business and do not have the appropriate signage, chances are sales opportunities are passing you by each and every day. Each vehicle that passes your business carries at least one potential customer. The way to maximize this revenue as a business is to attract these [...]

Signs Of No Business! Where We Can Help

As a sign company that strives for long term relationships with our clients, trust, and integrity, our MAIN focus is protecting our clients brand for the life of their business. This means that we love to walk our clients through every single step of the signage process and make sure that their whole sign process goes as smoothly as possible. This also means that we strive to [...]

New Proposed Sign Regulations: How Will They Impact Your Business?

A new proposal is being considered by Raleigh that will place restrictions on signs in store windows. Some business owners, mainly smaller businesses trying to compete with larger chains, believe this will make it harder for them to get their products and services out there. The new proposal was started by complaints of an electronic billboard in the window of a real [...]

Bottom Line: Signs Do Help

It is pretty obvious that everyone is in business to make money. Well, in order to make money you need customers to buy your products and services. According to studies shown to us by the International Sign Association, signs can help your business do this by advertising, increasing profits, and decreasing expenses. Advertising One sign manufacturer was [...]